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Kent road weather forecast

Date of instruction: Wednesday 22 November 2017 at 11.4am

Action:                     No action required

Routes affected:     None

Expected Hazards:  None

Expected minimum overnight temperatures:

Road surface 10.50

Air temperature 9.30C

Period sub-zero 

Forecast for the next 24 hours:

Dry with variable amounts of cloud and sunny spells this afternoon. Breezy with gusts around 40mph. This evening, cloud will thicken ahead of outbreaks of rain spreading in from the west and winds will pick up with gusts 45-55mph. It will be a mild night with RSTs staying well above zero. This rain will clear eastwards tomorrow morning, giving way to drier and brighter conditions.

Forecast for next 2-5 days:

The previous night's rain will clear through Friday morning, leaving it largely dry and fine. Colder air will filter in from the north-west too, with RSTs falling below zero overnight and patchy ice/hoar frost forming. The weekend will remain chilly, but pleasant beneath long spells of sunshine, with RSTs falling below zero throughout the overnight periods..