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Keep clear markings

The white keep clear marking is designed to act as a deterrent to prevent other road users from blocking access to a driveway or garage and is reserved for sites where there is a persistent problem.

Apply for keep clear markings

To apply for the markings you need to provide evidence of persistent obstructions to your driveway/garage. Record dates, times and the registration numbers of obstructing vehicles over a 3 month period.  We will then assess the level of the problem and respond accordingly. If your request is justified, we will charge £34.00 to cover administration costs.

Apply for a keep clear marking

Report an obstruction

In April 2008 the new Traffic Management Act was introduced. This enabled the council to be able to enforce against vehicles parking over dropped kerbs. However, the Government has put certain stipulations to this contravention:

  • The driveway needs to be private and not shared with another household
  • The offending vehicle needs to have at least an axle parked over the dropped kerb
  • The homeowner has to report that their dropped kerb is obstructed every time that it occurs. A Civil Enforcement Officer cannot enforce whilst just on patrol, as it may be the homeowner parking over their own driveway
  • A Civil Enforcement Officer is unable to move vehicles, as only the Police have the powers to do this

Obstructions can be reported on 01634 331 760, however this is not a rapid response service and the we may only enforce if there is an officer available to attend your area.

Find out more about double parking and parking at dropped footways (pdf 23KB).