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Road drains and gullies

Photo of gully in streetDrain grates seen in the gutters on the side of the road are called gullies and they take rainwater away from the road into the drainage system.

Despite our efforts to improve drainage, rain can sometimes fall so heavily that it exceeds the capacity of the drainage system and it will take a couple of hours for water to subside after the rain has ceased.

Report damaged, blocked, flooded gullies or missing, loose gully covers

Our contractor has 3 days in which to attend to the report of a blocked gully. It can sometimes take longer if parked vehicles have prevented the contractor from clearing the gully or if a specialist vehicle needs to be used.



  • clean out gullies on A and B class roads twice a year
  • clean out every gully at least once per year
  • clean out gullies more often in areas of frequent blocking or flooding
  • carry out other drainage work, such as maintenance of drainage ditches in rural areas


A sewer pipe that carries water from the highway and water from another source is called a public drain or surface water sewer and is the responsibility of Southern Water www.southernwater.co.uk

Find further advice on our Sewers and drainage page.