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Active travel

Sustainable travel is any form of travel that keeps damage to the environment to a minimum.

Reducing the number of cars on the road will reduce the level of carbon emissions and other pollutants emitting into the atmosphere. 

Active travel to and from school

Often the increased traffic on the “school run” can create a lot of concern within our community from upset residents enduring inconsiderate parking, increased noise to parents concerned about the safety of their children. There is a simple and free solution to combat this - active travel!

Leaving the car at home (or further away from the school gates) and walking to school, will not only address all of these concerns but will also make a positive contribution to your child's fitness, health and concentration at school. Walking will help them develop good road safety skills and habits from a young age and it provides extra time to build friendships. For most teenagers, it provides them time to themselves to think, relax, and reflect on their day.


Understandable walking may not always seem like the preferred option - with a day of work, chores or appointments ahead, however the leading active travel charity Sustrans suggest walking to school might actually save you time. Here's how:

It could be that walking to school doesn’t actually take you much longer than driving (when was the last time you timed each option?)

If your school has a walking bus scheme, you might decide to walk along only some days of the week – leaving your child with other trusted parents on the other days, and saving yourself some precious minutes. If your child is older, and able to walk home by themselves or with friends, just think of all that time you won’t need to spend waiting for them to dawdle out of the school gates!

Ways to increase your active travel 

  • Take part in exciting competitions such as The Big Pedal! 
  • Use public transport more frequently - check to see whether you are eligible for an older persons, disabled or youth bus pass on our Bus Pass page