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Walking bus sponsorship

Walking Bus Stop In Medway we have more than 40 walking bus routes, with more than 900 children walking to and from school. We invite local organisations and businesses to support this environmentally-friendly mode of travel by sponsoring a local walking bus route.

What exactly is a walking bus?

The Medway Walking Bus scheme is designed to be a fun, safe and healthy way to get to and from school. Each route or bus has a starting point or ‘Stop’ that at present are only known and seen by the participants of that bus. Medway Council is introducing a permanent stop which will be highly visible and therefore an excellent opportunity for your organisation to show support for its local community.

Find out more about our walking buses.

Why become a Medway walking bus sponsor?

  • You would be seen as a ‘good neighbour’ - showing genuine concern for your local community by supporting sustainable travel and road safety, as a company that shares the ideals of a safer and environmentally protective society
  • Raise your profile - emphasising that your business has the community at the heart of its concerns
  • Connecting with your target audience, as these stops will provide a great marketing communication mix in one hit. Providing an avenue to advertise and improve public relation on a mass and personal level

Choose a walking bus sponsorship package that suits your needs

Ward sponsor package (annual)

£10,000 will include all schools that have buses within a Medway Council ward.

This package includes:

  • permanent prominent roadside signs with sponsors' logo
  • your company logo prominently used on all advertising and event materials, merchandise, website, banners, posters and certificates
  • additional promotional opportunity at various events
  • the possibility of sponsors' logo on walking bus jackets subject to funding.

Walking bus route package (annual)

  • £2,500 for each school with up to two routes
  • £500 for each additional route at that school
  • £500 for each nursery or playgroup walking buses associated with the schools.

This package includes:

  • permanent prominent roadside signs with sponsors' logo
  • additional promotional opportunity at events and on advertising / promotion of this bus route
  • the possibility of sponsors' logo on jackets - subject to funding.      

Need more information?

If you would like any further information ask a question about walking buses.