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Roadworks, closures and diversions

Current roadworks

View an interactive map of current and planned roadworks at Roadworks.org.

Most roadworks are carried out by utility companies: gas, electricity, telephone, water and cable and are controlled under the New Road and Street Works Act 1991. The Act allows us to control the timing and quality of works and to set out traffic arrangements to minimise disruption to residents and road users. 

Planned road closures

Certain roads in Medway will be closed to traffic over the next year (2017) for community events such as festivals. Find out where and when the road closures are due to take place.

Request a road closure or diversion

Request a road closure or diversion if you are organising an event in Medway, such as a street party or parade, that requires a temporary road closure.

Demonstrations and parades are dealt with under Section 21 of the Town Police Clauses Act 1847  and occur mainly in Rochester and Chatham.

The police approve the route to be used and its marshalling, and the council produces notices to be posted in the area seven days in advance. A risk assessment is also carried out to address all potential traffic hazards and either remove or reduce them.

Roadwork restrictions on 'Traffic Sensitive Streets'

Under section 64 of the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 streets may be designated as traffic sensitive. A traffic sensitive street is a street where any work will create unacceptable delays and disruption to users at specified times.

To achieve minimum disruption an increased notification of works is required, which may result in the authority deciding the best time for the work to be undertaken.

If you are planning roadworks in Medway, please use our key to check our 'Traffic Sensitive Streets Restriction' list.

Report a problem e.g. there's a hole with no barriers

The responsibility for protecting and reinstating a trench or hole is placed on the company who created it. If we are told about a defect we will contact the relevant company asking that the situation is resolved.

Report a problem with roadworks. This form can also be used to report overflowing or dangerous skips and dangerous scaffolding.

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