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Experience days & workshops

Experience days and workshops

If you would like the opportunity to try a new hobby or learn a new skill why not book one of our experience days or workshops. If you're interested in taking up a course but can't make up your mind, these sessions may help you decide the type of course that's right for you.


A one day event or workshop is an ideal opportunity to try something new, gain new knowledge and skills, come away with something that's all your own creation and have some fun. Or why not get a group of friends together and make it a social event. These events are also perfect as a gift.


Your day or workshop will be led by a highly skilled expert, who will guide you and help you develop your individual skill and understanding of the subject. We have some of the most talented and accomplished tutors in their field in jewellery design, millinery, writing, painting, music, yoga and wellbeing, languages, photography and much more. 


Experience days and workshops starting soon...

Title Booking Reference Date Day & Time Session length (hours)
Drawing and painting for beginners D09209517A 26 Feb Mon 6.45pm 2
Qualities for employment - communications G14100817F 16 Jan Tue 9.30am 3
Qualities for employment - organisation skills G14101017F 18 Jan Thur 9.30am 3
Qualities for employment - teamwork G14101117F 23 Jan Tue 9.30am 3
Qualities for employment - sector research G14101217F 25 Jan Thur 9.30am 3
Qualities for employment - motivation skills G14102017F 6 Feb Tue 9.30am 3
Life drawing - beginners/improvers R09203517A 3 Feb Sat 10.00am 4
Creative writing - getting published R09203317A 10 Feb Sat 10.00am 4
Qualities for employment - handling pressure G14102117F 8 Feb Thur 9.30am 3
Portrait drawing R09203617A 24 Feb Sat 12.30pm 4
Public speaking G09200117A 3 Mar Sat 10.00am 3
Intensive pottery throwing R09108617A 3 Mar Sat 10.00am 6

Book a course

You can book online or for more information contact the team on 01634 338400 or call in to one of our centres.


Page updated 25 January 2018