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Experience days & workshops

Experience days and workshops

If you would like the opportunity to experience a new hobby or learn a new skill why not try one of our experience days or workshops. If you're interested in taking up a course but can't make up your mind, these sessions may help you decide the type of course that's right for you.


A one day event or workshop is an ideal opportunity to try something new, have some fun and come away with something that's all your own creation. Or why not get a group of friends together and make it a social event. These events are also perfect as a gift.


Your workshop will be led by a highly skilled expert, who will guide you through the creative process and help you develop your individual skill and understanding of the subject. We have some of the most talented and accomplished tutors in their field in jewellery design, story writing, painting, music, yoga and wellbeing, languages, photography and much more. 


Experience days and workshops starting soon...

Title Booking Reference Date Day & Time Session length (hours)
Floral drawing R09104217A 21 Oct 17 Sat 10am 4
Life drawing R09104317A 21 Oct 17 Sat 10am 4
Portrait drawing R09104417A 7 Oct 17 Sat 12:30pm 4
Watercolours - landscapes R09104717A 14 Oct 17 Sat 10:30am 6
Watercolours - seascapes R09104617A 11 Nov 17 Sat 10:30am 6
Garment construction R09105917A 20 Oct 17 Fri 9:30am 5
Garment Construction R09106017A 17 Nov 17 Fri 9:30am 6.5
Acting R09107117A 14 Oct 17 Sat 10am 3
Singing R09107217A 4 Nov 17 Sat 10am 3
Blog writing R09104817A 21 Oct 17 Sat 10am 4
Photography composition R09107417A 28 Oct 17 Sat 10am 4
Millinery - Fascinator making R09105617A 21 Oct 17 Sat 10am 6
Wellbeing retreat R08100817A 21 Oct 17 Sat 10am 5
Latin R12101317A 30 Sep 17 Sat 10am 4

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To make a course booking or for more information contact the team on 01634 338400 or visit our course finder.


Page updated: 14 August 2017