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Enrolment - how to join a course

You are advised to enrol on courses as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Some courses get fully booked very quickly (occasionally a course may be cancelled if there are insufficient enrolments before the start date). For one-day courses, you are advised to book at least four weeks in advance.

Full course details are available online. Please make sure that you check the detailed course information sheet prior to enrolling for a course.

Course details can be downloaded from http://medway.misportal.net/Coursefinder or by calling 01634 338400 or by visiting any one of our local centres.


If you have any further questions call 01634 338400 and ask to speak to the programme manager for the course you are interested in .


Download Medway Adult Education enrolment form (pdf 127KB)

If you wish to enrol on one of our publically funded courses and have not been living continuously in the UK for at least the last three years, and are not an EU national who has been living continuously in the EU for at least the last three years, you may need this Learner Eligibility for Funding form (pdf 87.6KB).


There are a number of ways to enrol: 

In person

Visit our main centre in Rochester and speak to one of the team in person. 



If you are claiming a concession based on receipt of a benefit, then you will need to enrol in person. You must bring evidence of receipt of benefits if you are requesting a concession. We regret we cannot process enrolments unless proof of benefit is provided at the time of enrolment. If you are unsure what to bring as evidence please phone 01634 338400 and our staff will be pleased to advise.


Payment can be made by cheque (payable to Medway Council) or debit/credit card.

By phone*

Call 01634 338400. Please have your debit or credit card to hand when you phone.

By post*

Send your completed enrolment form and (if applicable) standing order mandate to the Rochester centre (enrolment forms and standing order mandates are available from the Rochester centre).


Other important enrolment information

Course changes

Medway Adult Education reserves the right to make changes to published details including dates, times, locations and prices.

Waiting lists

If your chosen course is full and there are no suitable alternatives, you can be put onto a waiting list. If places become available we will contact you.

Late enrolments

Courses will run when the minimum number of people have enrolled. In some cases where there are still places available, you may still be able to enrol once the course has already started. For most courses the fee charged to enter a course that has already commenced will be a pro-rata amount calculated on the length of time that a course has left to run.

For many courses it is possible to join at any time but examination courses cannot be joined after the end of the third week. If there is a course you are interested in, please enquire at the office, phone 01634 338400 or email enquiries@medway.gov.uk

Further advice

Please check you have all the information and advice you need before proceeding with an enrolment.

  • Read the course information sheet, using the course finder database to check the knowledge and skills needed before you start a course and to find out if the course provides what you are looking for.
  • If necessary, speak to the subject specialist or make an appointment at a pre-course meeting.
  • For clarification about costs, fee concessions, availability and access, speak to the office staff at one of the centres.

For most courses that lead to a qualification, it is essential to speak to the appropriate programme manager to ensure that you get a place. The course information sheet will give details.


Page updated 14 August 2017