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What if my child is refused free transport?

You can ask for the decision to be reviewed by writing to the council's Student Services Management team using the contact details below, highlighting the individual circumstances of your case as to why your child should be offered free home to school transport.

Will I be offered the right of appeal?

If you remain unhappy with the decision and believe that you have a special case for receiving assistance with your child's travel, you may appeal to the council's School Transport and Curriculum Appeals Committee concerning the eligibility of your child for travel support.

The committee meets regularly to consider appeals relating to application of the council's policy for assisting with transport for learners at schools.

The Student Services Management team will provide information about the appeal procedure when reviewing your case as per the above.

Unhappy with the assessed walking route?

If you wish to challenge the availability of a route used to measure the distance between your home address and the school concerned, because of the nature of the route, the committee will consider the individual circumstances of the case and may need to make a judgement about safety, taking into account the child, the nature of the route and whether the child could be accompanied or not.

The following guidelines are used to aid assessment of the availability of the route relevant to traffic and highway conditions. The individual circumstances in each case will be considered, however, the assumption that no road is safe and due care and attention must be used. The figures quoted are only to act as a guide in decision-making. It will be assumed that the child is to be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult as per the transport policy:

  • where there is a footway or roadside strip, this will normally be assumed to provide an available route for that part of the journey
  • where a public footpath, bridleway or other public right of way exists, this will normally be assumed to provide an available route for that part of the journey
  • on a narrow or lightly-trafficked road (as a guide, two way traffic of less than 250 vehicles per hour with less than five per cent of heavy goods vehicle traffic will normally be considered as a light weight of traffic) where a verge exists that can be stepped on to – this will normally be assumed to provide an available route for that part of the journey
  • where there is no verge or footway and the width of the road is 18ft (5.5m) or less, the following also needs to be considered:
    • traffic frequency
    • composition of traffic
    • relevant accident statistics
    • where it is necessary to cross the road, visibility should be taken into account.

    Routes highlighted as potentially hazardous will be assessed by the road safety team and a report written to determine the availability of a route in line with the school home to school transport policy.

    Can I apply for any other transport assistance?

Children who do not qualify for free home to school travel can request information regarding the Medway Youth pass. This scheme entitles all young people who live in Medway and hold a valid pass to pay half the adult fare at all times when travelling on any local bus service, up to the end of the academic year after their 18th birthday.

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