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Medway youth pass

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Young people who live in Medway can apply for a Medway Youth Pass, which allows them to travel at a discounted when travelling on any local bus service.

There are two types of pass:

  • Under 16-years-old which is valid for 3 years or until the young person finishes Year 11 (whichever is sooner)
  • 16 to 18 years old (Year 12 onwards) which will expire when the young person reaches the end of the academic year after their 18th birthday

Journeys must start in Medway and can be to any destination in Medway or Kent.

For single journeys before 9am, show the Medway Youth Pass on the bus to get a child rate fare. Child rate fares are available in the afternoon automatically.

A discounted weekly ticket is available from Arriva - details below.

Update to Medway Youth Pass Season ticket sales- January

Following discussions with Arriva a weekly discounted season ticket of £13.30 will be available to Medway Youth Card holders via Arriva’s M Ticket app.

To get the discount, Medway Youth Passholders will need to contact our Administration hub on 01634 333455 to get the code or visit the Travel Information Centre in Chatham Waterfront Bus Station and show their pass. A promo code will be issued by the Administration Hub or Information Centre staff. This code has changed for 2018.

Then passholders will need to go on to the Arriva M Ticket app and follow these steps.

  • If not already registered on the app new users will need to register with their details including name and email, mobile number, and postcode
  • A debit or credit card is needed to purchase tickets
  • When purchasing a ticket on the app please select Medway Zone then Adult ticket type, and purchase a Medway Adult weekly ticket via "Buy Now"
  • The promo code is entered now. This will reduce the cost of the ticket from £20.80 to £13.30 - a discount of £7.50
  • Ticket is sent to the phone
  • The ticket can be bought on an M Ticket app (on, say, a child’s phone) or bought via an M Ticket App on another phone (for example, a parent) and then pushed to the other phone
  • When boarding the bus please show the ticket on screen and the Medway Youth Pass so the driver can check eligibility.

Please download the full information here.

Children travelling outside Arriva Medway area

For Medway resident children travelling from Medway to a school outside Medway (such as Gravesend or Maidstone) a South East area ticket will be required. Select Kent & Surrey > South East zone and select Child. Select a child weekly ticket. The promotion code will reduce the cost for SouthEast Child weekly from £22.80 to £20. Compared to a South East adult weekly ticket of £30.80 this represents a saving of 36%.

Please download the full information here.

For more information on the M Ticket application please visit

https://www.arrivabus.co.uk/bus-tickets/m-ticket/ or call 0844 800 4411


How to apply for the Medway Youth Pass

Application forms are available from Contact Points or Council community hubs, or a copy can be downloaded here.

Please complete the form, sign it, attach a passport-sized photograph of the young person and send it to:
Medway Council, Bus Pass Administration Team, Gun Wharf, Level 3, Dock Road, Chatham, Kent, ME4 4TR.

There is a £10.00 administration fee. This can be paid by card payment online or at one of our community hubs.

New passes will be issued within four weeks of application. However, this period may be longer over the summer seasonal peak.

Request a replacement pass

No application form or photograph is needed, but you must pay a £10.00 administration fee.

Make sure you have paid the administration fee online before requesting a replacement and quote the reference number when filling out the above request form.

Terms and conditions of use

  •  Half-fare means not more than half the normal single fare for the ticket you are buying on bus (i.e. fares are rounded down to the nearest penny)
  • A discounted weekly ticket option is available from Arriva using their M Ticket app. Details above
  • The pass is only valid for journeys at times when the passholder would normally be charged an adult fare
  • The offer of this concession does not guarantee the availability of any bus service
  • Passes must be shown to the bus driver every time travel is made at the reduced fare
  • This pass does not allow further discount on Medway Council’s 16 plus travel tickets, MY Bus Service or tickets that have a discount already applied
  • Passes can be withdrawn and bus travel denied at any time in the event of unsafe or inappropriate behaviour on the bus or for misuse of the pass
  •  Each bus company’s rules and regulations apply when travel is made with the pass
  • The bus driver, ticket inspector, school, college or Medway Council representatives can ask you about the journey being made to ensure that the pass is being used correctly
  • Medway Council will not be responsible for any losses or damage suffered when travel is made with the pass
  • You must inform the Bus Pass Administration Team if any of your circumstances change, especially your home address to enable future renewals/replacement passes to be processed.