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How educational psychologists work with pre-school children

Pre-school children are referred to an educational psychologist (EP) through the Pre-School Review. This is a multi-agency group, chaired by the pre-school advisor, which discusses pre-school children with significant levels of need.

This group meets on a monthly basis and is always attended by a pre-school EP. There are occasions when the Educational Psychology Service is asked by the Pre-School Review panel to provide additional information about a child to help their understanding of the child’s needs.

The service normally only works directly with pre-school children whose needs are felt to be quite considerable and who may not have made sufficient progress as a result of the interventions made for them so far.

It also contributes to the Statutory Assessment Procedure for pre-school children being considered for a Education, Health and Care Plan.

As well as working with other professionals on general pre-school policies, the service provides training for pre-school staff to support the development of pre-school children.