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Primary school menu

Chartwells Primary School Menu - Spring to Autumn 2015

The current charge for a standard primary school meal is £1.79

Chartwells menus for Primary schools

School milk

Many schools in Medway are working with Cool Milk at School to provide free milk to the under-fives  and milk at a subsidised rate to children between the ages of five and eleven years. Parents should ask their child's head teacher what is available in their child's school and visit the Cool Milk website to find out more.

School fruit and vegetable scheme

Under the free school fruit and vegetable scheme in schools, children receive a free piece of fruit and vegetable everyday to encourage them to eat more fruit and vegetables. This is part of the government's 5 A DAY programme to reduce the risk of some cancers, heart disease and other illnesses.

Parent should check with their child's head teacher to find out whether their school has signed up to this scheme.