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Your school meals provider

Our catering contractor, Chartwells, provides meals to more than 75 per cent of schools in Medway. All other schools provide their own catering services which are overseen by their school governing body.

Our meals:

  • meet the government food standards
  • offer homemade dishes prepared and cooked in the school kitchen
  • contain plenty of red meat, fish and wholegrains
  • offer fresh fruit and vegetables everyday
  • contain reduced levels of artificial colours and additives
  • use healthy cooking methods, such as steaming and grilling, to reduce the levels of fat and to minimise the loss of nutrients from foods
  • offer children a chance to try new foods and different tastes
  • allow children to learn important social skills in a good eating environment.

There can't be:

  • fizzy drinks, crisps, chocolate or sweets in school meals and vending machines
  • more than two portions of deep-fried food a week

Menus and prices

Find Chartwells' menus and prices for primary schools.   

Individual secondary schools have their own arrangements with Chartwells, so there is not a standard menu or price to publish.

If your child would prefer a packed lunch, there is plenty of ideas on how to make packed lunches healthy.