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Educational Psychology Service

The Educational Psychology Service (EPS) consists of a group of educational psychologists working for Medway Council and with children and young people aged up to 25 years, their teachers, parents, carers and other professionals. Most of their work is with children/young people who are in mainstream schools and also those who have specialised needs or who attend special schools or mainstream units, such as those with significant learning, behaviour, physical, language or sensory needs.

The focus is primarily on helping school staff to support children and young people as early as possible. The EPS also advises the council about how to meet the needs of all children/young people, whether they have special educational needs or not.

The EPS has a legal duty to provide psychological advice to the council in the event of a child or pupil being assessed for an Education, Health and Care Plan of their special educational needs. This is known as the Statutory Assessment Procedure.

The EPS also links with other agencies when appropriate, such as the health service and the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service.

Trainee Educational Psychologists

The EPS also offers placements for Trainee Educational Psychologists (TEPs) in Years 2 and 3 of their Doctoral training course. This is organised through the London and South East Universities’ placement panel. TEPs are highly valued members of our team, and we are able to offer good supervision, opportunities for strategic work, and high quality administration support within a compact and close team. TEPs will need to have use of their own car when working in Medway.

Quotes from our 2017 Year 3 TEPs

“Joining Medway Educational Psychology Service (EPS) has been an invaluable part of my journey to becoming a fully qualified Educational Psychologist. The service has built an excellent partnership with the schools in the area which means you are entering an atmosphere of trust and openness when you come to planning work. The allocation of your own patch of schools enables autonomy and provides the opportunity to develop critical negotiation skills. My most positive reflection around the second year of training was the empowering experience of forming relationships with schools and using these to contract innovative work. From this, I have been able to develop skills in systemic consultation, facilitating group work and therapeutic intervention.

The flexibility in Medway allows you to explore different ways of working and shape the type of EP you would like to be. This means the team hold a variety of skills and particular interests which they are more than open to sharing. The team empathise with the trainee role and formal supervision is always protected in addition to peer supervision sessions. I feel Medway have given me the perfect balance of experiencing the real world of EP practice whilst providing a highly supportive, enjoyable environment.”


“As a trainee EP in Medway, I’ve been given the right balance of responsibility and support. As a result, I feel prepared for life as a newly qualified EP. I’ve had my own patch of schools from the outset. This means I’ve formed productive professional relationships with school leaders and staff and developed a first-hand appreciation for how important this is to successful EP practice. My supervision is excellent. I’ve been encouraged to explore EP work at different levels, including complex work for individual young people, staff training and project work. The whole team are extremely knowledgeable and make time to talk to you. Everyone is genuinely interested in how your work is going and openly enthusiastic about exploring any challenges you’re experiencing. Medway’s compact geography means that there’s always someone in the office to check-in with. I’ve really valued the team’s collaborative and connected working culture and understand that this is something that larger local authority services struggle to do as well. Ultimately if you’re placed in Medway, you’ll feel like (and be) a valued member of the team!”