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Voting by post

What is a postal vote?

If you don’t want to visit a polling station on election day you can apply to vote by post. Complete the Postal Vote Application Form and upload it to apply to vote by post.

You can apply for a postal vote for just one election, for a certain length of time or permanently.
Your postal ballot paper can be sent to your home address or any address of your choice for you to complete. If you move house or change your name you will need to complete a new postal application.

The deadline to apply to vote by post is 5pm, 11 working days before an election.

When will I receive my ballot paper?

You should receive your postal ballot paper about 5 days before election day.

How do I vote by post?

Once you have completed your application form, you will be sent a Postal Voting Statement and ballot paper to the address requested. You will need to read the instructions carefully, mark your vote on the ballot paper and fill out the Postal Vote Statement including your signature and date of birth. This is so we can check these details against your application to make sure no one else can use your vote.

If your signature does not match the one you gave on your postal vote application, or your date of birth is different, your vote will not be counted.

Put your ballot paper and Postal Voting Statement in the correct envelopes provided and send it back to the council as soon as possible. If it arrives later than 10pm on election day your vote will not be counted. You can also hand in your completed ballot paper at your local polling station on election day.

In some limited situations the council can decide that a signature is not needed.

For example if:

  • you cannot provide a signature because a disability makes it impossible
  • you cannot read or write
  • you are unable to sign in a consistent and distinctive way because of a disability or inability.

If this applies to you, request a waiver form.


Replacements for lost or spoilt postal voting papers can be collected from the Electoral Services office at Gun Wharf up to 5pm on the day of the poll. In these circumstances voters will be asked to produce proof of identification.

Cancelling your postal vote

Cancel your postal vote