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Voting by proxy

What is voting by proxy?

A proxy is someone who can vote on your behalf if you are unable to get to your polling station on election day. They should be someone you trust to vote the way you want to. Apart from close members of your family, a person cannot be proxy for more than two people at any one time.

Can I apply?

You may apply to vote by proxy for a permanent or fixed period if you are registered to vote already and meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • You are blind or otherwise physically incapacitated
  • You or your spouse would be prevented from voting in person due to work or if you are studying at college or university
  • You are abroad on holiday.

How do apply to vote by proxy?

Complete the Proxy Vote Application Form (54.5Kb PDF) and upload it to apply to vote by proxy.

The deadline to apply to vote by proxy is 5pm, 6 working days before an election.

Carefully read the notes that accompany the proxy application form to find out if you need to get someone to support your application and who can do it.

If you are already registered to vote by post and want to change to vote by proxy, you will need to cancel your postal vote first.

Cancelling your proxy vote

If you wish to cancel your proxy vote in time for an election, you will need to do so no later than 11 working days before polling day.

Cancel your proxy vote

All cancellations are acknowledged and confirmed to both you and your proxy.

Even if you appoint a proxy, you can still vote in person if you get to the polling station before them.

Postal proxy voting

If your proxy cannot attend your polling station in person for any reason on the day of election, they can apply to vote by post.

This application must be received no later than 5pm 11 working days before an election