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Bus Route Maps

This page has bus route maps, and town centre stop maps that can be downloaded

Please note on the bus services page you can download individual route maps of bus services.

Please visit the holiday timetable page for details of Bank Holiday arrangements.

For information on bus routes in Kent, please visit the Public Transport maps page of Kent County Council's website. There is a map showing all Medway and Kent bus routes available that can be downloaded.

Individual route maps

Bus Service Route Details Bus Maps
100 Chatham- St Mary's Island 100 map
101 Gillingham- Chatham- Maidstone 101 map
113 Chatham- Luton- Hempstead- Parkwood- Wigmore 113 map
114  Chatham- Luton- Hempstead- Parkwood- Wigmore 114 map
116 Chatham- University- MKC- Hospital- Rainham- Parkwood- Hempstead 116 map
120 Chatham- Darland- Rainham- Otterham Park 120 map
121 Chatham- Gillingham- Hospital- Barnsole Road- Darland- Otterham Park 121 map
130 Twydall- Rainham- Parkwood - Wigmore- Hempstead - Maidstone 130 map
131 Medway Hospital- Lower Rainham- Wigmore- Hempstead- Maidstone 131 map
132 Chatham- Rainham- Parkwood- Hempstead Valley 132 map
133 Chatham- Rochester- Strood- Cliffe Woods- Cliffe 133 map
134 Chatham- Rochester- Cookham Wood- Rochester Airport 134 map
135 Chatham- Warren Wood- Borstal- Wouldham- Burham- Eccles- Maidstone 135 map
136 Chatham- Rochester- Strood- Higham- Gravesend 136 map
140 Chatham Maritime- Chatham- Rochester- Strood- Marlowe Park- Earl Estate 140 map
141 Chatham Maritime-  Chatham- Rochester- Strood- Marlowe Park- Earl Estate 141 map
142 Chatham- Rochester- Cookham Wood 142 map
145 Chatham-Rochester- Warren Wood 145 map
150 Lordswood- Walderslade- Blue Bell Hill- Maidstone 150 map
151 Chatham- Rochester- Strood- Cuxton- Halling- West Malling 151 map
155 Chatham- Rochester- Borstal- Wouldham- Burham- Eccles- Maidstone 155 map
156 Chatham- Rochester- Queen Mother Court- Borstal- Esplanade 156 map
158 Borstal- Burham- Eccles- Aylesford- Barming- Maidstone Hospital 158 map
164 Chatham- Magpie Hall Road- White Road Estate 164 map
166 (702) Chatham- Luton- Princes Avenue- Lords Wood 166 map
167 Chatham- Luton- Princes Park- Lords Wood 167 map
169 Chatham- Luton- Princes Park- Walderslade- Alexandra Hospital 169 map
(171 Sundays)
Chatham- Medway City Estate- Strood- Medway Gate- Medway Valley Park

170 map

171 map

172 Chatham- Rochester- Strood- Salters Cross- Rede Court Road- Brompton Farm Road 172 map
173 Chatham - Rochester - Strood - Frindsbury - Brompton Farm Road 173 map
174 Salters Cross - Strood - Medway City Estate - Chatham 174 map
175  Salters Cross - Strood - Medway City Estate - Chatham 175 map
176 Walderslade- Chatham- Medway Hospital- Gillingham- Hazlemere Drive 176 map
179 Chatham- Luton- Wayfield- Walderslade- Alexandra Hospital 179 map
181 Chatham- Luton- Wayfield- Walderslade 181 map
182 Chatham- Gillingham- Twydall 182 map
185 Chatham- Davis Estate- Asda 185 map
191 Chatham- Rochester- Strood- Wainscott Hoo- High Halstow- Allhallows- Grain 191 map
192 Chatham- Rochester- Strood- Wainscott- Lodge Hill- Chattenden- Hoo 192 map
193 Chatham- Rochester- Strood- Wainscott- Chattenden- Hoo- High Halstow- Cliffe Woods- Cliffe 193 map
196 Chatham- Chatham Maritime- Dockside Outlet- Neptune Estate- Chattenden- Hoo 196 map
197 Chatham- Rochester- Strood- Lower Upnor-Lodge Hill 197 map
326 Chatham- Rainham- Sittingbourne 326 map
327 Chatham- Hospital- Gillingham- Rainham- Upchurch- Lower Halstow- Newington- Sittingbourne 327 map
417 Cliffe - Cliffe Woods- Higham- Gravesend 417 map
700 Rainham- Parkwood- Chatham- Rochester- Strood- Earl Estate- Bluewater 700 map
701 Luton- Wayfield- Weeds Wood- Lords Wood- Chatham- Rochester- Strood- Earl Estate- Bluewater 701 map
702 Chatham- Luton- Princes Avenue- Lords Wood 702 map
703 Maidstone - Larkfield- Snodland- Halling- Cuxton- Bluewater 703 map
783 Wigmore- Parkwood- Farthing Corner- Rainham 783 map
796 Chatham- Chatham Maritime- Chattenden- High Halstow- Allhallows- Grain 796 map
M1 Lordswood- Walderslade- Wayield- Rainham- Wigmore- Hempstead M1 map

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