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Road Safety Engineering

Medway Council continually monitors road collision records, shared by Kent Police, to identify roads where road traffic collisions happen.

If there are a number of collisions or a pattern of similar incidents, the location will be investigated to see if safety improvements can be made.Image of the zig zag crossing, Hempstead Valley Drive

Road Safety improvements are prioritised on a Medway wide basis, meaning we have to make challenging decisions on where improvements are made. We work to improve those locations of greatest need first, helping to reduce casualties on our roads.


Road safety improvements

Each road safety scheme is unique, designed to change the road environment and ultimately increase the level of road safety in that area.  

All local safety schemes go through a very strict safety audit. This is done so that highway and safety measures are looked at from the viewpoints of all road users. The audit looks at:

  • visibility Image of car and speed limit
  • lighting
  • road surface
  • speed
  • maintenance
  • landscaping
  • the safety of pedestrians and cyclists
  • improving accessibility.

Engineering measures used in designs, to that help reduce the number of crashes include:

  • road layout
  • junction safety
  • turning manoeuvres
  • visibility
  • vulnerable road users
  • improving crossings
  • better signing and road markings
  • lighting
  • resurfacing the road
  • traffic calming
  • improving accessibility (dropped kerbs).


If you would like to make an enquiry about a local safety scheme or you have concerns regarding a particular road, please complete this online form.