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Kent road weather forecast

The daily road weather forecast, which details whether certain routes are gritted, is detailed below.

Weather report for Tuesday, 22 April 2014 at 12.50pm

Instructed action

No action required

Finish times

Not applicable

The following routes are affected


Expected hazards

  • Ice - No
  • Hoar frost -No
  • Snow - No
  • Fog - No
  • Strong winds - No
  • Heavy rain - No

Expected minimum overnight temperatures

  • Air: +70C  
  • Road surface: +60
  • Period of sub-zero:  

Forecast for next 24 hours

This afternoon is expected to be dry with some lengthy spells of sunshine. Staying dry overnight with clear periods and gentle winds but road surface temperatures will remain comfortably above zero. Sunny periods tomorrow morning, perhaps with one or two isolated showers developing.

Forecast for the next five days

Road surface temperatures expected to stay above zero for next few days.