Help available to insulate your home to make it warmer for you, reduce your energy bills and be better for the environment.

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Act now before next winter

Check now to see if you are eligible to receive help under a new scheme to help local householders stay warmer in their homes.

The Sustainable Warmth scheme is a government funded initiative delivered by the Greater Southeast Energy Hub, supporting local projects to make energy-saving improvements in people’s homes. The scheme aims to reduce household fuel bills, and make homes warmer, more comfortable and more energy efficient.

Eligible home improvements

The scheme offers a wide range of insulation measures, and renewable heating technologies, such as air source heat pumps, which are designed to reduce the impact of heating homes on the environment.  

Potential home improvements could include:

  • wall insulation
  • loft insulation
  • air source, ground source or hybrid heat pumps
  • biomass boilers
  • double or triple glazing to replace single glazing
  • energy efficient doors
  • thermostats and heating controls
  • hot water tank insulation.
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Eligible households

The scheme is open to homeowners and private tenants in rented accommodation, with a low annual income, and where the home is less energy efficient, with an EPC rating of D to G.

For people who live in a rented property, the landlord will need to provide permission to install energy-saving improvements and contribute a third of the installation costs.

Households also need to meet eligibility criteria to qualify for funding.

Please note that this scheme is now closed for properties connected to the mains gas grid. It still remains open however, for properties not connected to the mains gas grid.

Energy rating discussion

Act now and apply before next winter

Find out if you and your home qualify for energy-saving improvements by:

Improvements offered under the Sustainable Warmth scheme are assessed following a survey of the home, carried out by a qualified surveyor.

The replacement or repair of fossil fuel heating systems, such as gas, oil or LPG (liquid petroleum gas) boilers is not available under this scheme.