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First Person Plural

First Person Plural offers a range of training and other educational sessions on dissociation, complex dissociative conditions and related issues.

These can be commissioned by voluntary, statutory and private sector organisations to be delivered in-house either as part of your own training provision for staff / volunteers or as a locally organised event open to a wider audience.

We have two introductory level one day training programmes:

  • Understanding Dissociative Distress
  • Supporting Someone with DID

See the First Person Plural website for a printable pdf document outlining these courses, including a sample programme.

We can also provide brief awareness-raising sessions – anything from one hour to half a day. This can include a showing of our introductory training DVDs or we can provide speakers, workshops and information displays.

Types of training topics covered

Training may include:

  • defining dissociation and the role of dissociation in surviving abuse and trauma
  • types of dissociative experience and their effects on survivors' lives
  • the spectrum of dissociative disorders with a focus on dissociative identity (multiple personality) disorder
  • self-help and coping skills
  • ways of supporting dissociative survivors
  • introduction to some theories of dissociation (illustrated from survivors perspectives)
  • myths and controversies about dissociative distress and related issues
  • prevalence of complex dissociative conditions and other research results
  • problems of non-recognition of complex dissociative conditions and inappropriate treatments
  • awareness of specialist dissociation screening and assessment tools and other useful resources
  • looking after yourself as helper / supporter
  • Our fees vary according to the nature of the session and the organisation booking it.

Fees from our training help support our other activities.


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