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Buddi is a personal emergency service.

When the person you're looking after is wearing a Buddi wristband, it detects when they fall or press the alert buttons for help. Buddi's 24 hour monitoring service can find their location, talk to them through the Buddi to establish what kind of assistance they require, or call the person looking after them.

You can monitor activity levels during the day and as the person sleeps at night, which will indicate good health.

You can set expected activity levels, safe places and speed alerts to personalise your alerts to suit the lifestyle of your loved one.

Who Buddi is for

The Buddi is for anyone who:

  • lives alone
  • is at risk of a fall
  • might lose their way when out and about
  • is interested in their daily activity and sleep patterns
  • is travelling alone
  • Mostly the Buddi is for carers who want the person they care for to be just a button press away

How to use Buddi

The Buddi Clip should be attached to the wearer's house keys.

When at home, it lives on the dock, and when out and about it must be carried.

When needed, it locates the person carrying it and uses mobile technology so they can talk to Buddi's 24/7 emergency monitoring centre.

The Buddi wristband is waterproof and designed to be worn at all times. It senses motion, detects falls automatically and connects wirelessly to the Buddi clip.

By pressing the buttons on the wristband the wearer can ask for help 24/7.

If an alert is triggered accidentally, the buttons can be used to cancel it. The Buddi dock charges the wristband and clip and communicates wirelessly with them, displaying battery charge levels.

Features include:

  • push button emergency alarm
  • falls detector
  • location finder
  • 24/7 emergency monitoring - personal attention
  • activity and sleep monitoring

Through Carers UK the Buddi costs £49.99 (a saving of 80% on the usual cost) plus £5 per week to maintain the ongoing emergency connection.

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