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Broken Rainbow UK

Broken Rainbow provides half-day and full-day training courses that can be delivered where you usually meet.

Below is an outline of the learning outcomes that these provide, but we are always very happy to customise these for your specific requirements.

The Short Seminar's outcomes include:

  • understanding of the language and terminology used by the LGBT communities
  • confidence to ask a person about their sexuality and their gender identity/history
  • awareness of the issues that can prevent people from disclosing their sexuality and/or their gender identity or history
  • understanding of the specific risk factors that may present in an LGBT abusive relationship
  • awareness of the potential limitations of the CAADA DASH Risk Identification Checklist in an LGBT context
  • confidence to ask additional questions with LGBT people to further assess their level of risk
  • an understanding of Broken Rainbow's services
  • confidence to signpost victims and perpetrators to Broken Rainbow's services

The learning outcomes of Full Day Training are the same as the short seminar, but will also include:

  • understanding how practitioners and organisations can provide and promote an LGBT friendly service
  • increased awareness of the broader issues impacting lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people
  • understanding of current practice and policy, including legislative changes affecting LGBT people
  • in-depth understanding of the dynamics and impacts of LGBT people's experience of domestic violence and abuse
  • strategies to increase reporting of domestic violence by LGBT communities

Training costs £445 for a half-day seminar or £775 for a full-day training.

These rates are plus travel and accommodation expenses (if required), but we do not add VAT.

Members of Broken Rainbow UK can save up to 20% off all training for 12 months.

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