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Listening Books

If you are struggling to hold or read a book because of your illness or disability, our MP3 CD service could be for you.

Members can choose from thousands of MP3 CD audiobooks sent to them directly through the post.

We also offer our books via streaming and downloading. 

Using the library

Our members can borrow 2 or more MP3 CD audiobooks at any one time, and exchange them as often as they like throughout their membership.

As soon as one disc is returned, we will send another one out.

All postage and packaging is free and there are no due dates or late fees.

We provide audiobooks to support the National Curriculum from Key Stage 2 - A-Level, as well as a large fiction library.

Leisure and non-fiction titles are available for both adults and children.


MP3 CDs are similar to standard CDs but can hold more information, such as an audiobook that may be ten standard CDs long can fit onto one MP3 CD.

MP3 CDs can be played on most modern CD players, DVD machines and computers.

The MP3 CD will play continually but is also split up into five- to ten-minute sections so our members can stop listening at any time and find their place easily again.

Membership options

You can choose a membership option that suits your needs: you can borrow just MP3 CDs or have a combination membership.

Membership with MP3 CDs costs from £35 per year and is only available for those who struggle to hold or read a book because of illness or disability.

If you would find it difficult to pay our membership fees, please get in touch as we may be able to help.

020 7407 9417

12 Lant Street