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Listening Books

Internet streaming is a way of listening to our audiobooks via the internet.

Using the streaming service

Instead of having to download a file completely before being able to listen to it, our members hear the sound as it arrives at their computer or device and do not have to wait for a complete download before listening to their chosen audiobook.

Members can simply come to our website and log in with their username and password.

Once in the members-only section, they can search for a book they would like to listen to and follow the link to listen to it live from their computer or device.

They are able to click through the chapters as they wish to hear them, and bookmark their place, so they can return to exactly the right spot next time they log in.

Internet streaming users can listen on as many devices or computers as they like, and can borrow 2 audiobooks at any one time.

Once they have finished an audiobook they can return it immediately to listen to more.

Members can listen to up to 10 audiobooks each week, whether it be in their home, school or work place and at any time during the day.

We have over one thousand fiction and non fiction audiobooks available for streaming for both adults and children, including set texts, study guides and subject-specific titles.

To see which titles we have available to be streamed please search the catalogue on our website.


Membership of Listening Books for using the streaming and downloadable services costs from £20 per year and is only available for those who struggle to read or hold books because of illness or disability.

If you would find it difficult to pay our membership fees, please get in touch as we may be able to help.

020 7407 9417

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