In February 2022 the government announced measures to help protect millions of households from rising energy costs.

This includes a one-off £150 Council Tax energy rebate for all households in England whose main home is valued in Council Tax bands A to D.


To be eligible for the rebate, you must meet the following conditions on 1 April 2022:

  • the property is in Council Tax bands A to D (or the property is a band E property that has a disabled person’s reduction applied, effectively reducing it to a band D)
  • the property is your sole or main residence
  • it's a property for which Council Tax is chargeable or it's exempt under the following classes:
    • class N - occupied solely by full-time students
    • class S - occupied solely by people under the age of 18
    • class U - occupied solely by those with a severe mental impairment
    • class W - an annexe occupied by a dependant relative
  • those who are liable to pay the Council Tax (or would be if the property was not exempt) are not a local council, a corporate body or other body such as a housing association, the government or governmental body.

Households that do not pay Council Tax because of Council Tax Reduction will still be eligible for the payment.

If you receive a payment and you do not meet the above eligibility criteria (for example because you moved out of the property on or before 1 April 2022), please contact immediately so that we can advise you on how to return the money.

Getting the £150 payment

We have already paid over £9 million to more than 60,000 Medway residents.

If you're eligible for the rebate but you have not yet received your money, we'll be writing to you by the end of May to confirm your bank details.

How to claim your rebate

You cannot claim your rebate until you receive a letter from us.

When you have received your letter you will need to provide the following:

  • your name
  • Council Tax payment reference number (found on your Council Tax bill)
  • the access code on your letter
  • your email address
  • bank sort code
  • bank account number
  • name of bank account holder.

Apply for energy rebate

If you are eligible for the rebate but have not received a letter from us by 10 June 2022, please email

Discretionary scheme

There will be a discretionary scheme for those who are:

  • in bands E to H
  • not entitled under the main scheme.

Details of this will be published when we have them.


We are aware that some scammers are phoning UK households asking for bank details to pay the £150 rebate.

We will not be phoning you to ask for your details. We will be writing to you or emailing those that are eligible during May to request your bank details.

More information

Visit GOV.UK for further information on the Council Tax energy rebate.