Recycle it right - Christmas advent calendar 2021

Day Recycling tip
1 Did you open your advent calendar today? It can be fully recycled – outer cardboard in your blue sack and plastic and foil into your white sack.
2 When you're finished with your Christmas cards, cut out the pictures with shaped scissors and keep them to use as present tags for next year.
3 If you're picking out Christmas cards and wrapping paper, then please choose ones with no foil or glitter as these cannot be recycled.
4 If you're having a sort out of your clothes before Christmas, you can donate them to charity or take them to one of your local clothes banks. If the bank is full, please try another bank or come back another day.
5 Use brown paper and coloured string as your wrapping paper this year as this is easily recyclable.
6 Are you ordering online? Please flatten any cardboard boxes before putting them into your blue reusable so you can fit more in.
7 Instead of buying a new advent calendar each year, make your own from string, pegs and small bags. You can reuse this year after year.
8 Want to make your Christmas tree look different this year? You can upcycle your old decorations with a new lick of paint and some reusable ribbons.
9 Instead of using tinsel or foil decorations, you can try making a paper chain out of old card or newspaper. Children can get involved as well with making the chain links.
10 Take the scrunch test! If your paper scrunches and stays in a ball, you can recycle it.
11 Have you over done it with the food this year? How about putting leftovers out for the birds, by making food balls to put in your bird feeder.
12 Make sure you shred any paper will your personal information on it, such as billing details from parcels. You can then put your shredded paper in the brown bin as this will mulch down into compost.
13 Bows and foil ribbon cannot be recycled. Use material ribbon which you can keep and use next year.
14 There will be lots of packaging in your house over Christmas. Please recycle as much as you can. Unfortunately, polystyrene is not recyclable, so please put this in your black sack.
15 Before you go shopping, write a list to ensure you do not over buy. If you have any leftover food, then freeze it to have another day.
16 Have you got lots of recycling building up at home? You can always visit one of our 3 household waste and recycling centres (HWRCs) rather than waiting for bin day. Remember to book your trip to the tip before you go.
17 You can collect your reusable bags and caddy bins or liners from your local libraries. You can have more then one reusable bag to collect your recycling in. The more the merrier! Find a library.
18 There are lots of yummy Christmas food around at this time of year. Remember you can buy caddy liners from your local library for £2 per roll of 26 liners. Your caddy bin is also dish washable. Find a library.
19 If you're having a turkey for Christmas dinner, you can boiling the carcus to make a tasty broth then put it into your brown bin.
20 Remember to wash and squash plastic bottles, tubs and trays before placing them in your reusable white sack. This is to ensure you have enough space to fit as much as you can. You can have as many reusables recycling bags as you need to present your recycling on bin day.
21 Remember once Santa has eaten his mince pie, the foil packaging can go into your white sack. This is the same for all foil tins you may use for cooking your Christmas dinner. Just remember to rinse any food remnants away first.
22 Mash up all left over vegetables from Christmas dinner and make bubble and squeak for a yummy Boxing Day meal.
23 From today onwards your bin collections will be changing slightly. Find out when your collection day is and what bins you can present through Christmas and the New Year.
24 Once you have finished with your real Christmas tree, it can be placed next to your brown bin. It will get collected from Monday 10 January 2022. Merry Christmas from @MedwayRecycles.