Medway green and blue infrastructure draft vision consultation

We are preparing a green and blue infrastructure strategy as part of our work on the new Medway Local Plan. The strategy looks at the river and wider water resources, and the broad range of natural and built assets that make up our diverse local environment. It includes parks, woodland, allotments, cycle routes, flood storage areas and bat boxes.

We worked with consultants to produce a draft vision for Medway’s green and blue infrastructure. This will form part of a wider strategy document assessing our local environmental networks, and setting out priorities and actions for achieving the vision.

View draft consultation vision document

We consulted on the draft Medway green and blue infrastructure vision document from 16 August to 30 September 2019. We are reviewing comments and these are being taken into account in preparing the strategy. Further information will be published with the draft local plan.

View the draft consultation Medway green and blue infrastructure vision document