Publication scheme

The Freedom of Information Act requires all public authorities to produce a publication scheme. The idea of the scheme is to let everyone know the information the council makes available as a matter of course.

Our Publication Scheme identifies:

  • information published by Medway Council
  • how that information may be obtained
  • any charge made for the information.

The information covered by the Act does not consist solely of published printed material, it also includes information published on this and other websites.

More information is available across the website including:

  • statement of accounts
  • staff salaries
  • councillor information and council decisions

Request information listed in the scheme

The scheme identifies where information is available:

  • on a website - in some cases a hypertext link will direct you to the information
  • by post - a request can be made in writing to the addresses set out in the Scheme
  • by telephone - when contact details are given in the Scheme.

When requesting information you must include:

  • your name and address
  • the information or documents you would like to access
  • the format in which you would like them to be made available, for example printed leaflet, email or electronic copy.

The council aims to provide information listed within the scheme within five working days.

The council makes a wide range of printed information available at no cost, but more substantial printed publications (normally when a document exceeds 10 pages or multiple copies are requested) are charged for and this is clearly indicated in the Publication Scheme.

Charges may also be made for postage and packaging.

Excluded information

Some information is excluded from publication and where this is the case, the reasons behind the decision are stated clearly.

General correspondence sent or received by the council is excluded throughout the scheme, as is all information relating to private individuals because it is personal data protected under the Data Protection Act 1998.

In certain cases, a limit has been placed on the age of some documents that will be made available under the Scheme.

Requesting other information

Under the Data Protection Act individuals may request copies of their personal data held by the council.