How to get a symptom-free test

You should only book a symptom-free test if you're an eligible worker who is not currently working from home, for example, you’re in close contact with other colleagues, clients, patients or customers as part of your role.

If you’re eligible to book a test, then all of your household will be eligible too. You must complete all bookings individually for each household member. For example, if you have a family of 4, then you will need to make 4 bookings using the slots available on the booking page.

Who can get a symptom-free test 

Eligible workers who live or work in Medway can get a symptom-free test. 

If you work in one of the following, you and all members of your household are eligible for a test. You must book a separate test for each person.

Eligible workers (excluding those who are working from home) include:

Emergency, health and armed forces

This includes:

  • Kent Fire and Rescue Service
  • Kent Police (and the Metropolitan or British Transport Police)
  • Medway NHS Foundation Trust and Medway Community Healthcare
  • Armed Forces
  • healthcare professionals (including GP surgeries, pharmacies, dentists, opticians, substance misuse treatment professionals)
  • coastguards, border forces and HMRC


This includes:

  • education staff (including schools, academies, private schools, university, colleges and early years, childminders)
  • Medway campus-based university students who must to attend face to face studies

Caring roles

This includes:

  • foster carers
  • carers (including domiciliary, residential care and Shared Lives Carers)

Council and other public services

This includes:

  • Medway Council, Medway Norse and Medway Commercial Group staff
  • local council critical workers
  • prison or justice services
  • Mears and Volkers maintenance
  • funeral, burial and crematoria workers
  • grounds staff for playgrounds, public gardens and heritage sites
  • other public services, for example waste collection, Job Centre staff or registry office staff
  • cleaning staff for council and other public facing services
  • port staff

Transport, driving and construction

This includes:

  • public transport (including bus drivers, South Eastern Rail and taxi drivers)
  • Medway based hauliers
  • staff from critical national infrastructure, construction and manufacturing (including water companies, National Grid and Grain Uniper)
  • home delivery drivers, for example Amazon, Royal Mail, Hermes
  • removals staff

Retail and other public facing roles

This includes:

  • essential retail staff (including food and supermarkets, petrol stations and wholesalers)
  • letting agents and estate agents
  • hotel and hostel staff providing essential services
  • launderettes and dry cleaners
  • motor, motorcycle and bicycle trade staff
  • charitable service providers that provide face to face support. Including victim support, foodbanks, homeless support, care.
  • providers of religious services that require face to face support
  • veterinary staff

If you are not included in the above lists, then you are not eligible for a symptom-free test at this time.

Working from home

You should not book a symptom-free test if you are working from home, due to national 'stay at home' guidance. Please continue to follow the safety advice to help stop the spread of coronavirus in Medway. Read the stay at home guidance

Book your test

We have 5 symptom-free test centres available in Medway, including our new site at Medway Park Sports Centre in Gillingham.

The centres are open between 9am to 7pm, 7 days a week.

Medway Park is open 9am to 7pm, Monday to Friday.

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