Tragically, people sometimes die as a result of domestic violence. When this happens, the law says that professionals involved in the case must review what happened so that we can identify what needs to be changed and reduce the risk of it happening again in the future.

The Home Office has published guidance on domestic homicide reviews including when we need to set up a review and how to do it.

If a domestic homicide takes place in Medway, the police will make sure that the right people in the council are told as quickly as possible. After this initial notification, a decision will be made about whether we need to have a domestic homicide review.

Case review documents

Case Diana/2020

Case Kitty/2020

Case Leanne/2019

Case Simran/2019

Case Jean/2018

Case Tamana/2018

Case Sylvie/2018

Case Patrick/2018

Case Connie/2018

Case Martin/2018

Case Mary/2018

Case Bridget/2017

Case Emily/2017

Case Rosemary/2017

Case Pauline/2016

Case Jason/2016

Case Joan/2015

Case Joyce Jackson/2015

Case Elizabeth/2015

Case Roger/2015

Case Sandra/2014

Case Sarah/2013

Case Paul/2012

Case B/2012

Case BC/2012

Case Alan/2011

Case FL/2011

Case Cydney/2011

Case Christopher/2011