Medway Strategic Land Availability

As a Local Planning Authority, we are required by The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) to prepare Strategic Land Availability Assessments to show the availability of potential development sites, to help inform the development of the new Local Plan.  

The SLAA does not allocate development sites or grant planning permission. It considers if land is ‘suitable’ for development, ‘available’ and ‘deliverable’. The SLAA does not predetermine the council’s future assessment of sites through the local plan and development management processes.

The first SLAA was published in November 2010, with seven subsequent reviews and reports, the latest published in December 2019.  These were supported by official call for sites exercises in 2008/2009 and 2014. Since then the council accepted new sites until the end of the Development Strategy 2018.

SLAA reports

We update our Strategic Land Availability Assessments (SLAAs) regularly.

View our SLAA reports and maps of available land in Medway