If you have ever been married or entered a civil partnership, you will need to provide proof of your marital status.

Previously married

  • If divorced, you will need to produce your decree absolute
  • If your marriage has been annulled you will need to produce the decree of nullity
  • If widowed, you will need to produce your late spouse’s original death certificate. If the death certificate does not name you as the husband or wife, then it will also be necessary to produce the marriage certificate.

Divorce and nullity documents must bear an original court seal. A photocopy will not be acceptable unless it bears an original, non-photocopied court seal.

Previously in a civil partnerships

If you have previously formed a civil partnership, evidence will be needed to show how that civil partnership ended:

  • If the civil partner has died, a death certificate will be required
  • If the civil partnership was dissolved, it will be necessary to produce the final order of dissolution bearing an original seal

If you need to get a decree absolute or final order of civil partnership dissolution, these can be obtained from the court in which the divorce or dissolution was granted or from:

The Principal Registry of the Family Division
First Avenue House
42-49 High Holborn
London WC1V 6NP
Phone: 020 7947 6000 (main number) or 020 7947 7017 to request a search for a decree absolute or dissolution order.