St Mary's Island Controlled Parking Zone proposals

In 2018 we first consulted residents about the parking issues on St Mary’s Island. Of the 442 responses we received, 67% felt that parking controls should be installed.

This further consultation ran from 26 November to 31 December 2019.

The responses we received will determine if a controlled parking zone (CPZ) will be put in place.

Next steps

If at least half of the responses support a CPZ, the proposals will be taken forward to the next stage - consultation on the specific designs for the scheme. These designs will take into account any findings from the consultation.

No decision has been made yet. Proposals will only be taken forward if most residents support the introduction of a CPZ.


It was proposed that a new controlled parking zone (CPZ) is created across St. Mary’s Island, to prioritise parking for residents.

A CPZ is an area where parking is prioritised for residents and their visitors through a permit system. A zone identifier code is shown on the signs, and on permits which residents need to display in their vehicles.

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If a new CPZ is created, double yellow lines and residents permit parking will be installed on Island Way. All the roads leading off Island Way will be made into permit parking areas (PPAs). This will prevent commuters and non-residents parking in the area and free up space for residents. In addition, to prevent dangerous and obstructive parking, it's proposed we install double yellow lines at some junctions.

This consultation aimed to understand when residents would prefer a CPZ to operate. Outside of the times of operation any vehicle will be able to park without a permit.

We proposed three options. Each one addressed parking issues that occur at different times of day.

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The plan below shows all of the properties which were being consulted.

St Mary's Island CPZ consultation map

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