Speed checks and cameras

There are 2 types of speed checks in Medway:

  • Safety cameras can be fixed or mobile and are used at several locations across Medway. They are funded by and operated on behalf of the Kent and Medway Safety Camera Partnership. 
  • Speed counts use 2 small wires, encased in rubber and laid across the road, that record the speed of passing traffic. These records provide detailed information about the number and speed of vehicles. They can also be used for intelligence-led enforcement. This is where, after receiving a high number of comments from members of public on a particular stretch of road, a speed count can be carried out. If this shows high speed is a problem, a report is compiled which is then passed to the police, who can take steps to enforce the speed limit at this location.

If you have received a speeding ticket, want to know where the safety cameras are or need more information about 'speed awareness' courses then visit Kent & Medway Camera Safety Partnership website

Speed Awareness courses are delivered by Kent County Council with a course location in Medway.

Kent and Medway Safety Camera Partnership (KMSCP)

Since the introduction of safety cameras in Kent and Medway, the number of people killed or seriously injured at camera sites has been reduced by 74 per cent.

The KMSCP is responsible for the operation of safety cameras - speed, red light, Speed Check Enforcement System (SPECS) and mobile - in Kent and Medway. The partnership was formed in 2002 and comprises of 4 partners:

Did you know?

  • Fixed safety camera sites are located where three or more people have been killed or seriously injured in speed-related crashes, over a 1.5km stretch of road, in the three years prior to installation
  • Where you see the black and white camera signs but no fixed camera, the signs are warning you that a safety camera van may be enforcing along that stretch of road. The vans operate where at least one person has been killed or seriously injured in a speed-related crash(es), over a 5km stretch of road, in the three years prior to installation.

Take a look at the Kent & Medway Camera Safety Partnership safety camera myth buster for more facts.

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