MY School Bus service

Buy or renew a school bus pass - MY Bus Passes only

Places on MY School Bus must be booked and there is a waiting list for some services. Phone 01634 333 455 for any MY bus issues. For all other queries call 01634 333 333.

If you would like your child to go on one of the MY waiting lists, email with the following information:

  • Child's name
  • Parent's contact details
  • Address
  • School child will be attending
  • MY route required

How much does a pass cost?

One term £55
Two terms £105
Six terms (whole school year)


Incorrect expiry date on term 2 bus passes

All term 2 MY bus passes have the incorrect expiry date of 14 December 2018.

All bus passes will be valid for travel for the whole of term 2 up to Christmas. 

ASD Coaches have been advised. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Terms and conditions of MY Buses

The safety of your child is important and Medway Council, your school and the operators share these concerns. By placing your child on this bus you will be entering a partnership where each of us, including parents, guardians, pupils and students play a part in making sure that we provide a safer journey to school.

Please also read the MY School Bus Service - Terms and conditions

MY Bus payment deadlines

Letters and emails will be sent out throughout the year near the end of each term for MY passes to be renewed for the following term. Please ensure that you make the payment for your child by the relevant deadline.

If the deadline is missed, places on the MY bus will be issued to anyone currently on the waiting list, so the payment must be made on time.

Renew a MY School Bus pass

Please call 01634 333 455 to make payment. If lines are busy please leave a message and one of the admin staff will call back, and this will ensure that the place on the MY bus is retained.

View MY School bus routes and timetables