2020 and 2021 admissions

You can find out what to do next in the schools' admission process, including the process of applying for a school place, completing the Medway Test (11 plus) and applying for home to school transport.

Medway Test 2020 (September 2021 admissions)


Primary admissions 2020

Coronavirus updates

To avoid any unnecessary journeys and contact with others and to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus, we ask that you submit any forms by email. Details of where to return forms to can be found in the next steps guide and at the top of each form.

Please do not visit schools to hand in forms or information. 

Relevant documents:

Secondary transfer September 2020

In-year admissions

Find out about the next steps for applying for an in-year school place.

Apply for a school place

You can apply for a place at a Medway school in your child's current year group by:

Accept or refuse a school place

You can accept or refuse a school place by:

Request an admission appeal

You can request an admission appeal by:

School transport

Find out about the next steps for arranging school transport.