Applications and offers

How to apply

Leigh Academy Rainham has a separate admissions process for September 2021. All other Medway secondary schools are part of the co-ordinated admissions programme.

To apply for Leigh Academy Rainham, you will need to complete the Leigh Academy Rainham admissions application.

You may receive two school offers, Leigh Academy Rainham and one from the co-ordinated admissions programme. You must accept one and refuse the other.

You must complete the Leigh Academy Rainham admission form and return it to:

School Admissions and Transport Team
Medway Council
Gun Wharf
Dock Road

Applications must be received by 31 November 2021. Late applications will be accepted until 31 December 2021

Late applications will be processed from 19 April 2021. Late applications will be processed weekly from 19 April 2021.


You will receive your offer email by 1 March 2021 for on time applicants.

If you were not successful, you will receive an email to let you know the next steps. Each applicant is ranked against the school’s oversubscription criteria.

To find out more, download the Leigh Academy Rainham oversubscription criteria.

If you are not offered a place, it is because other applications ranked higher against this criteria.

Accepting or refusing your offer

If you have received your offer email you will need to accept or refuse your offer. To accept or refuse your offer, complete the Leigh Academy Rainham acceptance and refusal form online.

The deadline to accept or refuse offers your on-time applications is 31 March. For late applications, the deadline to accept or refuse is within 20 school days of your offer

If you have been offered two school places, please accept one and refuse the other.

Once you have refused a school place it will offered to another applicant. You will not be able to accept this school place in the future.

If you refuse an offer and change your mind, you can ask the school to add your child to the waiting list.

If you do not accept or refuse your offer, the school will contact you for a response. If the school does not receive a response, the offer may be withdrawn.