Members of the European Parliament

Medway Council forms part of the South East region of the European Parliament.

The European Parliament is made up of 736 Members (MEPs) who are elected by 27 EU countries. The UK is represented by 72 MEPs. In the South East we have 10 MEPs to represent us.

European elections are held every 5 years, usually in May or June.

European Parliamentary elections 23 May 2019

Find out how to stand as a candidate and the election timetable on the notice of election.

If the UK takes part in the European Parliamentary elections on 23 May 2019, you need to register to vote by 7 May.

Anyone who is a citizen of a member state of the European Union who lives in the Medway Council area can vote in local and European Parliamentary elections, as long as they qualify to appear on the electoral register and have registered to vote.

To find out more visit the European Parliament website.