Types of election

There are different types of elections that you can get involved in and have your say.

General elections

The next Parliamentary General Election is scheduled to take place in 2022. In this type of election, voters will decide who they want to represent them in Parliament. The candidate who receives the most votes for the constituency becomes a Member of Parliament (MP). The UK Parliament makes decisions and passes laws on a wide range of issues that affect you.

Medway is made up of the constituencies of Chatham and Aylesford, Gillingham and Rainham, and Rochester and Strood.

Local elections

Medway Council is divided into 22 Electoral Wards and each ward is represented by local Councillors – 55 in total. In local elections, you can vote for a councillor to represent your ward. In Medway, local elections are held every four years. The next elections are scheduled for 2 May 2019.

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Parish elections

There are 11 Parishes in Medway, all in the Rochester area. Each parish is represented by a number of Parish Councillors.

Parish elections are held every 4 years to coincide with the Local elections. The next elections are scheduled for 2 May 2019.

European elections

European elections are held every five years, usually in June. The European Parliament is made up of 736 Members (MEPs) who are elected by 27 EU countries. The UK is represented by 72 MEPs. In the South East we have 10 MEPs to represent us.

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Police and Crime Commissioner for Kent

Elections for the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Kent are held every 4 years. The next election is scheduled to take place in 2020. The Kent PCC is responsible for holding the Chief Constable and police force to account on the public's behalf.