General (Parliamentary) elections

MPs are voted into the House of Commons at a Parliamentary General Election.

The Fixed-term Parliament Act 2011 set out the timetable for future Parliamentary General Elections. Except in very exceptional circumstances, Parliamentary Elections will now be held every 5 years.

The last Parliamentary General Election was held on 12 December 2019.

General election results

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Candidate expenses

The expenses returns from all of the candidates in the 2019 General Election will be available for inspection soon.

Any request to inspect the returns must be made in writing stating the name of the person who will be inspecting the document, and the date on which they wish to inspect them.

Send your request by email to

You can also request copies of the returns and accompanying documents, which will be supplied on payment of the fee of 20p per side. Please note that the addresses of any individuals who have made donations to candidates will be redacted on the versions made available for inspection or provided as copies.