Better Care Support Medway

Better Care Support Medway is an online self-assessment tool that will help you with services, advice and information to help you live your life independently.

Using Better Care Support Medway

To complete an assessment:

  1. Visit the Better Care Support Medway website.
  2. Click the green 'begin your self-assessment' button.

Starting an online supported self-assessment will:

  • offer information and advice, connecting you to resources and support to help you live your life independently
  • help you consider areas where you want to make a change and support you may need to do this
  • help you use your strengths and capabilities in making the changes you want.

Visit Better Care Support Medway

After you complete an assessment

After submitting your supported self-assessment, remember to click ‘Suggestions’ for tailored information and advice.

We'll be in touch as soon as possible once we have reviewed your information. This could take up to 2 weeks, although it could be sooner.