Vehicle seizures for fly-tipping involvement

By law we can seize a vehicle, trailer or mobile plant and its contents if it is:

  • used for flytipping
  • driven by someone who is not registered as a waste carrier
  • used to transfer waste to someone who is not registered as the waste carrier

When we seize a vehicle we post a legal vehicle seizure notice within one day of seizing the vehicle.

Read our vehicle seizure notices

We also tell the police and the registered owner in writing.

We can hold seized vehicles for 15 working days while we investigate. If we have started a prosecution we may keep the vehicle for the duration of the prosecution.

Claim a seized vehicle

To claim a seized vehicle you must be able to prove you are the legal owner by providing:

  • a V5C vehicle registration document in your name with your correct address
  • a current certificate of motor insurance in your name with your correct address
  • proof of purchase of vehicle
  • a valid photo card driving licence or passport
  • proof of address (2 utility bills within the last 3 months with your name on them)

If we need further proof of legal ownership we will notify you within 1 working day. We must receive any further proof within 2 working days of you receiving the request. We will tell you our decision within 3 working days.

If we release the vehicle you have 10 working days to collect it. If a claimed vehicle is released and not collected within 10 working days we can sell it or destroy it. If it is not collected within 15 working days we will sell it or destroy it.

To claim a vehicle write to us with a copy of your evidence to: Environmental Enforcement Team, Medway Council, Gun Wharf, Dock Road, Chatham, Kent, ME4 4TR.