Medway is planning for its future, with growth that benefits our communities and values our area.

If we plan positively for growth, we can make sure that wider services are in place to support new housing.

The council has secured £170 million from the Housing Infrastructure Fund to invest in improving transport and environmental infrastructure on the Hoo Peninsula in the next few years.

Planning for Medway’s growth

Medway’s population of 277,855 (in 2018) is anticipated to grow to 321,137 by 2037.

Our work has shown that there is potential for development on the Hoo Peninsula. However this is a distinctive place, with important areas for wildlife, and limited services and infrastructure. The council needs to plan for this growth.

Our new local plan will set out our strategy for managing growth successfully in Medway up to the late 2030s.

We need to make sure that development takes place in the most appropriate places, and that it is sensitive to the environment and supported by services.

We have a big challenge to make sure that new development does not put too much pressure on services and infrastructure.

In November 2019, Medway Council secured £170 million of government funding through the Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF) to invest in road, rail and environmental infrastructure.

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