Future Hoo consultation (now closed)

We have had confirmation from the government that our Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF) application had been successful. £170m has been given to build new roads, a new train station and service, and the delivery of environmental improvements.

The Housing Infrastructure Fund's roads, rail and environmental infrastructure plans to improve accessibility and environmental management in and around Hoo. 

This is an exciting opportunity for Hoo, and your voice is important to us. 


This funding is important in planning for sustainable growth within Medway.

The application explains movement on the Hoo Peninsula is sometimes restricted because there is only one way on and one way off. The HIF application proposes to make many improvements providing new and alternative ways on and off the peninsula. 

Investments to improve accessibility will be in place by 2024, along with various environmental improvements that will:

  • support wildlife and landscape features
  • where appropriate, create new footpaths and cycleways

These improvements will help movement around the area for both existing and new residents.