If you have a business in Chatham High Street and would like to place tables and chairs or goods outside of your property, you will require a street furniture licence from 1 July 2016.

You will need to apply for a street furniture licence and be approved by us. 

The only item you will be able to place outside the front of your property without a licence is an A board (maximum of two).

Find out more about the licence and how to apply using our:


It costs £162 to apply for a licence.

Once you have paid for a licence, it can't be refunded.

Any incomplete application forms will be rejected and you may have to pay an additional application charge.

When to apply:

You should apply as soon as possible.

We will aim to process your application within four weeks.

You will not be able to place goods outside of your property from the 1 July 2016 if you haven't got a licence.

What you need to provide:

  • a copy of your Public Liability Insurance (no less than £5 million against any liability, loss or damage)
  • the number of all items to be included outside the front of your property e.g.. number of chairs, tables, heaters, umbrellas
  • the number of hours you propose to have the furniture out each day
  • photographs of the property and surroundings
  • a risk assessment
  • a copy of your alcohol licence (if appropriate)
  • a detailed plan of the site at 1:100 scale or larger with all dimensions in meters and centimetres

How to apply:

Complete an application form and take it and your supporting documents to Chatham Community Hubwhere you can pay by cheque or card.

After you've applied

When we have received and checked your application, an inspector will visit your property to assess it.

Once the property has been assessed we will send you a letter or email to tell you if your application for a licence has been successful or not.

If you're granted a licence, you will be sent a sign to display in your window. Your licence will last for one year and must be renewed annually.

If you're not granted a licence, we will give you our reasons why and you can appeal the decision.

How to appeal

If your application is unsuccessful you can appeal in writing to:

Head of Integrated Transport, Regeneration, Culture, Environment and Transformation, Gun Wharf, Dock Road, Chatham, Kent, ME4 4TR


Email: streetworks@medway.gov.uk

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