The other side of silence by Philip Kerr

Other side of silence book cover


It is 1956 on the French Riviera.

A world-weary Bernie Gunther is working as concierge at the Grand Hotel, St Jean Cap Ferrat, living under a false name. 

The Riviera retains its louche glamour even in these gloomy post-war years - a sunny place for shady people.

Bernie plays bridge to stave off boredom and misses his old detective life.

Then his past walks through the door in the shape of Harold Hennig, a former captain in the Nazi security service.

Bernie never forgets a face, especially when it belongs to a mass murderer who, in 1945, was responsible for the deaths of thousands, among them a woman Bernie loved.

Since the war, Hennig has enjoyed a lucrative career as a blackmailer.

Hennig's target on the Cote d'Azur is a famous resident with a dark past and plenty to hide - the writer, Somerset Maugham.

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