Eligibility for student reductions

If you’re a student or a young person under 20 you may be eligible for a student council tax reduction or exemption.

To be classed as a student for tax purposes you must:

  • be in fulltime higher education at an educational institution set up to provide further or higher education in the European Union
  • be on a course lasting at least one year
  • and study at least 21 hours per week, for 24 weeks in the year

You can also be classed as a student if you:

  • are under 20 years old
  • are on a course lasting more than three months
  • study more than 12 hours per week

You’ll need to supply a council tax student certificate issued by the college or university (a certificate of enrolment or a notification of grant award letter won’t be accepted).

Who could be exempt

You may be exempt from council tax if you:

  • have a lease or licence to rent a room in a property (your landlord will pay the council tax)
  • live in halls of residence owned and managed by an educational institute (class M)

Halls of residence will be automatically exempt and you won’t need to make an application.