Report taxi service, vehicle or driver

We do not employ taxi drivers or taxi firms.

Our role is to licence vehicles, drivers and operators who have to undertake a number of tests, assessments and criminal checks before they are granted a licence. Information is provided here on the regulation of taxis.

If you have a complaint, please tell us by completing our online form. Once you have contacted the licensing enforcement team your complaint will be investigated after our investigation we will notify you of what action has been taken.

Information we need when you make a complaint

Complaint against a taxi operator:

  • the name of the taxi firm
  • the time and date of the incident
  • details of the complaint
  • any names of individuals to whom you have spoken
  • your contact details

Complaint against a taxi driver:

  • the colour of the vehicle
  • the plate number we issued can be seen on the back of the vehicle or on an internal plate inside at the front and/or the vehicle registration number
  • a description of the driver
  • the time and date of the incident
  • details of the complaint
  • the driver's name, if you know it
  • your contact details

What happens next

Depending on the incident, we may need to take a formal statement from you and any witnesses. This may result in your attendance at court or at a council committee hearing. Should this develop into a criminal case, we will need to speak to the police or advise you to report the incident to police.

Some investigation can take some time to complete, so please be patient.  In some cases, we will need to arrange and hold interviews with a number of individuals and/or make enforcement visits to determine if offences are taking place.

Any incident that has involved or been reported to the police will need to be fully investigated before the council can take any action. Please keep the Licensing Unit informed of any progress of the police investigation and/or provide us with details of the investigating officer so we can liaise directly with the police.