The independent Local Government Boundary Commission for England is asking local people for their help to draw up a new pattern of council wards for Medway Council.

A review is being undertaken because the value of each vote in local elections varies depending on where you live in Medway. Some councillors currently represent many more or fewer voters than others. This is electoral inequality. The aim is to create electoral equality. This is where votes are as equal as possible, ideally within 10% of being exactly equal.

The Commission undertook a consultation exercise between 17 December and 9 March. This was to seek opinions and comments (submissions) from the public on where ward boundaries should be in Medway Council.

The Commission have now issued their draft recommendations and welcome comments on them until 7 September 2020. It is proposing that Medway Council should have 60 councillors in future. This is 5 more than the current arrangements. There should be 24 wards, this is 2 more than at present.

In drawing up new boundaries, the Commission aims to deliver electoral equality for voters in council elections so that each councillor represents roughly the same number of voters. The review also aims to ensure that the new council wards reflect, as far as possible, the interests and identities of communities across Medway.