The Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) have started a review of the electoral arrangements in Medway. This includes the number of Councillors, the number and configuration of wards and the number of Councillors that should represent each ward. 

The Commission undertook a consultation exercise between 17 December and 9 March. This was to seek opinions and comments (submissions) from the public on where ward boundaries should be in Medway Council.

The Commission issued its draft recommendations and the period for comments closed on 7 September 2020. It was proposing that:

  • Medway Council should have 60 councillors in future (this is 5 more than the current arrangements)
  • there should be 24 wards (this is 2 more than at present).

The draft recommendations report and all submissions to the consultation are available on the LGBCE website.

In light of the responses to the draft recommendations, the Commission has now opened a second phase of consultation until 11 January 2021, on a further set of draft recommendations relating to the areas of Darland, Hale, Hempstead, Rainham, Twydall, Watling and Wigmore only. The Commission decided that it has enough evidence to finalise its recommendations relating to the rest of Medway.